PHP-Proxy is a web proxy script built with PHP specifically to be fast, easy to modify and to support video sites such as YouTube, something Glype is currently lacking. This web proxy script is commonly used and as an alternative to Glype

PHP-Proxy vs PHPProxy

This proxy script has no relationship to the once popular PHPProxy project by which has been abandoned since September 2007. There are many similar function proxy scripts named "PHP Proxy", we were just the lucky ones to acquire such domain name. While PHPProxy is still being widely used, it is outdated, hard to customize and it breaks on many popular websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

PHP-Proxy Demo

If you wish to see how this script works on a live server, visit which is powered by PHP-Proxy.



	bash <(wget -O -

Using Composer (recommended)

	 composer create-project athlon1600/php-proxy-app:dev-master /var/www/

Download the ZIP archive below and unzip it to your main directory on your web server and you are ready to go.